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When it comes to commercial LED lighting installation projects for offices, stores, and workshops, then need for efficient lighting solutions is crucial. Better lighting can uplift the ambiance and improve the customers' experience, as well as enhance the staff's experience. At Londono Brothers, we can complete many commercial and industrial LED lighting installation projects on Long Island. Ensuring you are set up to succeed with your lighting situation.

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We proudly offer all sorts of LED lighting services, from conversions, to retrofits, to rewiring, our staff can do it all! For more information about our professional lighting services, please give us a call. The number for our office is 631-940-8670. When you call, we can provide you with a fair and accurate estimate for the potential work.

Why Choose LED Lighting for Commercial Projects?

When it comes to the lighting at a commercial enterprise or any sort of business, the lighting plays a larger role than you may realize. The light fixtures should be durable, energy-efficient, vapor tight and provide a high degree of illumination. In general, LED light fixtures offer high lumen output and consume less overall energy than standard lighting devices. Due to this, LED lighting installation is recommended for commercial projects, signs and locations. Especially for any place that needs bright lighting.

The team of Londono Brothers can install and retrofit lighting fixtures for optimal performance with LED lights. Here are some important reasons why you should choose LED lighting for commercial projects on Long Island.

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Ensures High Efficacy

Efficacy is an indicator of the amount of illumination a light source produces. The higher the efficacy, the less power consumption required to generate bright light levels. Which is a crucial factor for any business or company looking to save money on lighting output. With LED lighting, the energy consumption is minimal and comes with higher outputs, leading to better lighting. Less flickering and no noisy ballast hum either, so you can enjoy lights that work better.

Lowers Cost of Energy

The upfront cost of commercial and industrial LEDs are higher than the standard metal halide light fixtures, but it is no contest in the long term. LED lights simply last longer, so less money will be spent replacing the bulbs. And as previously mentioned, the energy consumption is less, so users can save money on their energy bills, too. The installation of motion sensor LEDs can further lower the cost of energy bills, since they only operate when they sense movement.

Offers High Voltage Capacities

Commercial and industrial facilities likely require high voltage fixtures. However, these voltage requirements are not always fixed throughout an entire facility. So the lighting needs to be able to match the settings of a given area. This requires professional analyzation and the selection of a suitable driver to fit the energy requirements across a facility, ensuring an efficient supply of lighting and energy.


Not only are LED lighting fixtures more eco-friendly due to the fact they require less energy, they also do not release any pollutants that can impact the health of people in the area. They are the smart option for lighting for a brighter future!

Get Commercial LED Lighting Installation for Businesses of Any Size

Londono Brothers has experience working on LED lighting projects both big and small. We have the means necessary to help with every phase of the project. From planning to execution, get Londono Brothers on your side! We can identify all potential savings when it comes to the lighting on the premises and how to improve it. As well as make recommendations to maximize payback for the installation. When you partner with Londono Brothers, we can provide you with vetted solutions. Simply check out our latest projects to see what we have done and how we can improve your situation.

The installation and/or upgrade to commercial LED lighting offers many wonderful benefits. Get the best LED commercial lighting installation on Long Island when you turn to Londono Brothers. We deliver top-quality commercial projects that require appropriate analysis, planning and execution. When it comes to lighting, put your faith in Londono Brothers!