Why You Should Retrofit Your Business Signage To LED Lighting

Long Island LED Retrofitting Services

Londono Restoration specializes in the retrofitting of LED lights and can help get you the best lighting around. With the advancement of LED lighting, it has called in a new era for business signs. Update your business sign with LED lighting today and start reaping the benefits! An LED retrofit offers your business with an array of advantages that no other type of lighting can match. Here are 10 reasons why you should LED retrofit your business signage.

  1. Improved Energy Efficiency: The main benefit of an LED light is the fact that it yields a significant cost savings on energy on a monthly basis due to how efficiently it runs.
  2. Less Maintenance: LED lighting requires less overall maintenance than other types of lighting and the maintenance can even span years, which saves you money on repairing once you retrofit to LED.
  3. Longer Lifespan: A well-fabricated LED light can last more than a decade, which is a lot longer than you'd get with traditional lighting and why switching to LED is the way to go.
  4. Better Return on Investment: Payback periods for the retrofitting of an LED light range from one to three years, which is not a long time when you consider other types of lighting and a main reason why you should retrofit to LED lights.
  5. Safer Option: LED lights run on an extremely low voltage when you compare it to traditional neon systems that run on many more volts. So by retrofitting to LED, you are reducing the risk of the sign becoming a fire hazard.
  6. Eco-Friendly: LED illumination does not contain hazardous chemicals such as phosphor or mercury, making it an eco-friendly choice for LED lighting.
  7. Relatively Easy Conversion: When you replace your existing bulbs with LED ones, our expert team of lighting retrofitters can install it with minimal disruption to your business.
  8. Instant Lighting Achieved: LED lighting immediately turns on, so there is no waiting like you'd get with other lighting options. Especially when the weather is cold.
  9. Enhanced Visibility: LED lighting offers enhanced visibility, which means that your lit up sign can be seen by more people and overall just looks better to potential customers and clients.
  10. Improve Your Brand: Whether it is the eco-friendly nature of the LED retrofit or improving the aesthetics of the sign, retrofitting improves your brand and you can develop a reputation as being a green company and one that stands out from the competition.

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