Restoration Gallery

Check out our gallery of completed projects. We handle everything from the restoration of light fixtures, to repairing lamps, to many services for chandeliers, including cleaning and installing them. For more information about our services, please call 631-940-8670. When you call, we can provide you with a no-obligation consultation to go over exactly what you need done.

  • New York Botanical Garden. Dome chandelier
  • This is the chandelier from the library building of the New York Botanical Garden. It has a zodiac ring around it. The Fixture is from early 1900's original to the Watson building.
  • Chandelier from Library building of NYBG. We took it down for rewiring, cleaning and some minor repairs.
  • When installation was almost complete.
  • Professional Brass Restoration
  • 72" diameter Beer Tank Lid fully refinished in satin Cooper with a tick layer of clear coat to delay tarnish.
  • Here the Beer Tank Lid transformed into a giant chandelier at Blue Point Brewery in Long Island, NY.
  • Cleaning of huge Cascade chandelier with Swarovski crystal by Vincent Van Duysen.
  • Located in Gramecy Park, New York, NY. The fixture is 60' long and its located on a six story building staiwell. It has nearly 2900 crystal chains of 10' each. All cleaned by hand and one crystal at the time.
  • During the cleaning. There was no doubt that this was a tremendous job for us but we made it and customer was very very happy with the results.
  • A scaffold had to be erected all around it for Safety and to achieve good resutls.
  • Auditorium large chandeliers. Lawrence Middle School, NY.
  • Uninstall of 9 chandeliers and 10 Lanterns from Auditorium of Lawrence Middle School, NY. 19 fixtures total.
  • When Taking down the Chandeliers at a 25' ceiling Height.
  • Big and heavy Brass lantern. These pieces are antiques with over 90 year old. They are not produced anymore!.
  • All the Crystal chanins and Bobeches for the chandeliers were cleaned.