Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting

LED lighting is quickly becoming the standard for many industries and commercial buildings due to its ability to create attractive and safe environments. It is an eco-friendly option that can help you stay ahead of the competition. Investors, customers and employees increasingly expect companies to install commercial LED lighting, so make the upgrade today!

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In general, LED lighting is a proven sustainable solution that companies now think of as a logical first step when constructing. But converting to LED lighting is also a quick and efficient method, especially when you turn to Londono Brothers. The sooner your business develops an LED lighting program, the quicker you will experience some of the most notable benefits, which includes:

  • Increasing the value of the property.
  • Lowering energy consumption.
  • Reducing operational and maintenance costs.
  • Improving occupant safety.
  • Creating an aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Building investor confidence by making progress towards sustainability.

LED Lighting in Several Color Temperatures

Color temperature indicates the appearance of light and is calculated in degrees of Kelvin. LED lights come in several color temperatures, which includes:

  • Cool white lights for daylight (4000K to 5000K)
  • Warm white lights that are red, yellow or orange (2700K to 3500K)
  • Combination of warm and cool lights that are daylight blue hue (5300K to 6500K)

But what is the right color temperature for commercial and industrial buildings? Well, cool white lights can be ideal for office and manufacturing environments. Warm white lights are better are illuminating spaces, like malls and restaurants. In general, using lighting fixtures in the range of 4000-5000 Kelvin achieves the best lighting results. At Londono Brothers, we can help you choose the correct LED commercial lighting for your building or facility.

Commercial LED Lighting Offers an Array of Options

When you opt for LED lighting, you get an array of options to choose from. This is a big plus for facilities that need varying light setups. Installing LED lighting for commercial buildings is flexible and you have the ability to upgrade it how you like. Warehouse and manufacturing areas need high luminosity lighting, which LED lights can effectively provide. But the administrative offices for this company may need a softer light with medium brightness in order to provide a dynamic workplace. And with LED lighting, you can have it all and have it done easily.

Here are some popular options for commercial LED lighting to consider.

LED Hight Bay Lights

LED high bay lights can have broad or tight beams and are used to illuminate large spaces, such as warehouses, showrooms, and factories. This lighting can be hung from high ceilings ranging from 20 feet to over 40 feet using chains or hooks in order to achieve optimal illumination.

Explosion Proof Lights

These LED lights can serve as the best options for an industrial space where dangerous chemicals or liquids may be used on a daily basis. Common use cases of LED explosion-proof lights include power plants, paint booths and oil refineries.

Hardwired Shop Lights

These types of commercial LED lights are used to light up shops with lower ceilings that range from 8 feet to 20 feet. These lights are most suitable for commercial facilities, such as shops and garages.