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Long Island, New York, NYC & Hamptons Chandelier Installation Services

Londono Restoration Inc offers expert chandelier installation services throughout the state of New York, including the NYC area, across Long Island and in the Hamptons. We have been doing it for years! We install all types and sizes of chandeliers, pendants, flush ceiling fixtures, wall sconces etc. We'll gladly pick it up from the dealer, deliver it and install it for you. Leave something like this up to the professionals.

If you have any questions, please contact us today. Feel free to call us at 631-940-8670. When you reach out, we will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about your chandelier. So please, do not hesitate to get in touch with the best chandelier installation team on Long Island, New York!

Our services extend to light fixtures past chandeliers. Pendants, ceiling fixtures, and sconces are among the lighting fixtures we provide service for. Our staff our experts are trusted and have knowledge of installing products of any shape or size. No matter the room or situation, we can handle it. Allow us to light your home the right way.

Serving Long Island (including the Hamptons) and NYC

Chandelier InstallationYour Chandelier Installation Specialist

Londono Restoration Inc. is your chandelier installation specialist! team of professionally trained chandelier installation and repair experts have years of service experience. All our technicians have completed many projects including chandelier installation, modification and repair. Our chandelier technicians also perform inspections and maintenance work to ensure your chandelier hangs beautifully for years to come. All technicians are sure to work meticulously and carefully to ensure the highest quality results on all projects. 

You may view all of our amazing work below. We have performed maintenance and installation on chandeliers of various designs, sizes and in many different locations. We perform chandelier work in dining rooms, bedrooms and much more. Our brilliant technicians have done chandelier installation and repair work all over New York, Manhattan, and Connecticut for your convenience. We understand how you want your chandelier to brighten up your room. Let our passionate staff turn your dream into a gorgeous reality.

UL Certified

We sport a UL Certified staff when it comes to rewiring and installing chandeliers. And offer excellent and careful craftsmanship to ensure our work is done professionally and efficiently. You will have the comfort in knowing our work is complete after we perform a thorough inspection to guarantee our work remains strong, safe and stunning for as long as you use it. We are proud to have such skilled artisans on our chandelier installation team. Our staff has been trained and certified to take on all light fixtures and chandelier projects. 

Install It Right The First Time

Hanging a chandelier is a tricky and intricate job, which is why you need to leave the chandelier installation process in the hands of professionals. With our expert installation team leading the way, we ensure our clients that the job is done once and done right. We are certain our chandelier will look great and be safe in your home. Upon completion, you will not need to worry about it being an issue in your home.

Due to the dangerous nature of installing a chandelier, the experts at Londono Restoration Inc have the tools and experience to properly handle any sort of installation process. Our years of chandelier knowledge and service experience allows us to provide you with the highest quality results that are sure to last. And to help them last, we also provide cleaning and repair services. Get in touch with the chandelier installation specialists to get your chandelier installed right. Read more about how to hang a chandelier and see why it should be left to the professionals.

Call Londono Restoration Today For A Free Estimate

Londono Restoration Inc. has years of experience in the field, so if you need help with your chandelier or light fixture, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. If you have questions about our chandelier installation services, please contact us today for more information. We provide our services for clients across Long Island. From the Hamptons to NYC, Londono Restoration is there for any and all chandelier needs. If you would like a free estimate regarding a potential chandelier installation job, please call 631-940-8670 today.

Variety of Chandelier Services Available

On top of our NYC chandelier installation services, we also offer a bevy of other services surrounding your chandelier. This includes on-site chandelier cleaning, metal polishing, clear coat application, painting, welding, soldering, refinishing of most metals, glass cutting, replacing all electrical components, rewiring of chandeliers. So once this chandelier is installed into your home or business we can do everything else. We can even move the chandelier, whether it is simply moving it around the house or business or packing it up and moving to another location entirely.

When installing a chandelier, it is important to properly size up a room. This will ensure that it looks great after the installation. A small chandelier can get lost in a big room and a bigger chandelier can overwhelm a smaller right. It is like Goldilocks and the three bears. First she tastes a porridge that is too hot, then too cold. But she then eats the one that is just right. This is not unlike the buying process for a new chandelier. You need to look for the one that best suits the room and do so based on the size of the chandelier.

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  • We installed this Petra Sole chandelier on a Lobby of a building in East end avenue New York, NY.
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  • Gigantic chandelier Installed on a 25' foyer in Old Westbury, NY
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