How to Hang a Chandelier

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There can be a few reasons you would like to hang a new chandelier. Perhaps the older one aged with the times. Or you went into a store and found one you just had to have. Or perhaps the older one is not working well or becoming dangerous. Whatever the reason, hanging a chandelier can add a new atmosphere and feel to any room.

Chandelier Installation Steps

Though the process may seem simple, the installation of a chandelier requires the attention of a professional to install. 

  1. Turn off the electricity to the circuit. No attempt should ever be made to work on live wires.
  2. Take down the old fixture. Simply unscrew the fixture and carefully remove it.
  3. Remove the electrical box. Remove all the screws that hold the electrical box to its metal hanger bar or use a flat bar if they are nailed down.
  4. Install the fan base.
  5. Tighten the fan base. This should not be over-tightened, as the tension it puts on the joists can cause nail pops in the drywall.
  6. Prepare the new electrical box and bolt it on.
  7. Connect the wires.
  8. Secure the canopy by carefully folding and tucking the wires up into the electrical box.
  9. Install the light bulbs and glass shades and restore power to the room.

Chandelier Installation Experts

Again, these may seem simple, but having it done right by a professional can save you both time and money down the line. Don't use any shortcuts, as that can lead to sub-par use out of your new chandelier. If you have a new chandelier that needs to be installed, please contact us today.

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