Chandelier Moving Services

Londono Restoration provides their clients with a wide array of quality chandelier installation. However, we do not just install them, we move them as well! Our chandelier moving services handle your chandelier delicately, because we know they are an expensive light fixture. Packing away a chandelier properly is vital for the care and safety of the item. Don't let it get damaged in transport and arrive at your new home broken. Let the professionals at Londono Restoration take care of all of your chandelier services. We can take it down and pack it away for you. The moving process is stressful enough, but with our services, you won't have to worry about the safety and security of your chandelier.

Chandelier Packing 

Our chandelier packing services will safely pack away your chandelier in time for your move and ensure it arrives at your destination in one piece. Our moving services also extend to those newly arrived residents. We can help unpack your chandelier when you're moved in and properly install it. Only professionals should be handling the installation of chandeliers due to the wiring of the homes. Your safety is our top priority and attempting to wire a chandelier should be left to the expert care and handling of the staff at Londono Restoration. We will ensure the safe installation of the chandelier into your new home and help clean and maintain it over the years, should you choose to go that route.

Unparalleled Chandelier Services

There are many types of chandeliers and our moving services can handle them all! Here is a list of some chandeliers that we provide services for:

  • Flush Mount
  • Bowl
  • Cage 
  • Empire
  • Candle
  • Drum
  • Lantern
  • Crystal
  • Orb
  • Teardrop

Only get the best when you move. Not only do we know how to ship and store them safely, we also provide our services to the wiring on the chandeliers as well. Unqualified handlers of electrical wiring of that sort can be dangerous. Do not leave anything up to chance.

Chandelier Moving Services

Londono Restoration provides customers in New York with a wide range of quality and reliable chandelier services. One of our more recent, but more popular services is helping people pack their chandeliers. For more information about our chandelier moving services, please reach out us today.

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We will even help you unpack it and install it into your new place. This goes for any incoming New Yorkers as well. Our shop is located in Deer Park, on Long Island, which makes it easy for us to help people across Long Island. Dial (631) 940-8670 today for more information. Give us a call and we can help your move by professionally handling your chandelier.