Chandelier Cleaning

Londono Restoration Inc provides expert crystal and glass chandelier cleaning on site. If necessary, we disassemble the piece, clean it, and put it back together for a sparkling finish. We are experienced in all types of chandelier cleaning. No job is too big or too small for us. We pride ourselves on giving you the best cleaning at an affordable price.

Adding a chandelier to any room is a big undertaking and one that should only be handled by professionals. If a chandelier is installed incorrectly, it can be the entire home in danger. And maintaining and cleaning the chandelier can be a great benefit to the long-lasting integrity and ability of the chandelier. We have years of experience installing chandeliers of all shapes and sizes and look forward to adding this new chandelier to your home. 

The Chandelier Cleaning process

After our chandelier installation is complete, you can count on us to maintain and clean it as well. A typical chandelier will need to be cleaned once a year in order for it to remain in good use and not lose any of the luster of its original condition. You can tell when most chandeliers need cleaning when the glass or frame of it begins to look dusty. Crystal chandeliers are a little bit different and need to be cleaned when the crystals start to look dull.

A lint-free cloth is all that is needed, for the most part, when getting started on cleaning a chandelier. By using one, you will be ensuring that the chandelier looks clean and shiny once the process is completed. A ladder is also necessary when cleaning, as it is needed in order to reach the chandelier. When cleaning, we place padding or cloth below the chandelier. This is simply a precaution in case any lights or crystals fall while working on the chandelier. Instead of hitting the floor, the impact is lessened.

During the cleaning process, it is important to wash your hands! You do not want to be leaving any fingerprints on the chandelier while cleaning it, which is easier to accomplish than you may think. This may then affect the lighting of the chandelier, or at least take away from the luster of the lights and thus lead to more cleaning in the future. A cycle that is not ideal for your chandelier. Wearing gloves is also a simple way to counteract this problem.

Call For More Information

Londono Restoration Inc has years of experience cleaning and maintaining chandeliers for many customers. Our cleaning services are second to none and will extend the lifespan of any chandelier. We also provide installation and cleaning for Baccarat chandeliers.

For further information about our chandelier cleaning, or any other services we provide, do not hesitate to contact us. To set an appointment for on-site chandelier cleaning on Long Island (Suffolk & Nassau) or in NYC, call us at 631-940-8670. We will answer any questions or concerns you have about our various chandelier cleaning services, as well as about our restoration services.

Serving Long Island, including the Hamptons, as well as NYC and surrounding areas.

  • Chandelier cleaning done in NYC.
  • Chandelier Cleaning: Brass chandelier dusted off and metal lightly clean. Broadway, NYC.
  • Chandelier Cleaning: Chandelier with crystals cleaned on Apt. in NYC.
  • Chandelier cleaning done on-site across Long Island from NYC to the Hamptons.
  • Chandelier Cleaning: White glass chandelier cleaned. Glen Cove, Long Island.