NYC Chandelier Cleaning

Londono Restoration offers chandelier cleaning services that are beyond compare. We are a licensed and insured restoration company who provides excellent work on all aspects for your chandelier. We have over 30 years of experience and our professional team of specialists can clean your chandelier and keep if looking great for years. Our chandelier cleaning services are available for clients throughout the NYC area.

Chandeliers are as delicate as a light fixture as there is and it is imperative that they are handled with care. The specialist here at Londono Restoration have the ability to properly clean and maintain your chandelier, extending its lifespan. We know the tricks of the trade and can be trusted to keep your chandelier clean.

How To Clean A Chandelier

Chandeliers need to be cleaned once a year in order for them to keep their shine and luster. It is easy to tell when most chandeliers need to be cleaned. This is when the glass or frame of the chandelier starts to look dusty. Crystal chandeliers are a little bit different and need to be cleaned when the crystals starts to look dull.

For the best cleaning you can use a lint-free cloth. This cloth will help keep the chandelier looking clean and shiny once the process is completed. A ladder is also necessary when cleaning, because it is needed in order to actually reach the chandelier. I doubt you are tall enough and if you are, then why aren't you in the NBA?

During the cleaning process, place a padding or cloth below the chandelier. This is a precaution in case any lights or crystals fall during chandelier cleaning. Instead of hitting the floor, the impact is lessened with the it. And maybe it doesn't break.

It is important to wash your hands during any chandelier cleaning. You do not want to leave your fingerprints on the chandelier! This happens easier than you might think and can affect the lighting of the chandelier, or at least take away from the luster of the lights and thus lead to more cleaning in the future. Wearing gloves is also a simple way to counteract this problem.

Chandelier Cleaning Estimates

Londono Restoration has years of experience working on chandeliers and offers our services for clients throughout the greater NYC area. Our chandelier cleaning services are second to none and will extend the lifespan of any chandelier. For more information about our services, please contact us today.

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