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Londono Restoration Restoration has years of experience in the chandelier industry, including chandelier cleaning and chandelier installations. We have become experts on the matter and are trusted throughout New York. From the Hamptons, to NYC and across Long Island, we are your one-stop-spot for all chandelier services. One of the more popular types of chandelier that we are required to service are Baccarat chandeliers. Though Baccarat is a French manufacturer, they have locations throughout the world. Their chandelier crystals are of the highest quality and need to be properly maintained.

We are a UL listed company with years of experience working in the chandelier industry. We are your Baccarat chandelier installation specialist! When we install a Baccarat chandelier, we also offer professional cleaning services to keep it looking great. And ensuring it lasts a long time!

Baccarat Crystal History

The Baccarat Crystal company has a long and storied history of manufacturing quality crystal glassware. They got the name due to their original location in Baccarat, France. Their establishment dates back all the way to 1764, when King Louis XV of France granted permission to found a glass-work production company. Initially, they produced window panes, mirrors and stemware. It wasn't until the 19th century when they started making chandeliers. 

By the end of the Imperial Era in 1867, Baccarat products littered the world, especially in finer area. Baccarat crystals lined the largest chandelier at the time, which was located at the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul. Their cultural relevance was evident in many places. And then, in 1948, they created an American subsidiary in New York City to further expand their global brand.

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Due to the fine nature of Baccarat crystals, they need to have the utmost care and attention put forth in order to retain their look and luster. Do not trust anybody else with the elegance of this type of chandelier. We provide outstanding installation services of Baccarat chandeliers and will ensure that, once installed, it is up to working order. On top of that, we can maintain and clean it when necessary. We recommend cleaning the Baccarat chandelier at least once per year. This allows for it to look great and stay in peak condition.

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