LED Wiring Benefits

Londono Brothers offers professional rewiring for LED lights for customers throughout Long Island and the great NYC area. As technology advances, so do the lighting for LED lights and more and more lighting fixtures utilizes this technology. Switching to LED lamps and lighting fixtures is a wonderful way to reduce lighting energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, all while saving money and improving the comfort of your home. There are many great benefits to get into when it comes to using LED lights and the wiring team at Londono Brothers offer professional repair and rewiring of these said lights. So get the best care possible when it comes your LED lighting fixtures!

So let's take a look at some of these great benefits of LED lighting. And remember, for the best rewiring services of LED lighting fixtures, please turn to Londono Brothers. Learn more about these rewiring services and why it's important. Do not hesitate to reach out and give us a call today. The number for our office is 631-940-8670. When you call, we can go over our rewiring services and provide you with a fair estimate for the potential work.

LED Lighting Offers Great Energy Efficiency & Cost-Saving Potential

The number one benefits of using LED lighting is the supreme energy efficiency you gain. Once you make the switch, you will see savings in your energy costs, while actually improving the lighting quality of your home. LED bulbs used to be more expensive, but that price point has been slowly coming down. They are still more expensive than standard bulbs of the same size, but the benefits you gain from using them far outweigh any hike in price. You gain much more in savings throughout the years than the initial payment. In a way you are investing in the light, because it pays dividends down the line in the coming months and years.

Today's LED lights generate light at minimal voltage, have no warm-up time, and use a small amount of electrical current. And nearly all of the energy goes into creating light, not heat. Which means the bulb is not nearly as hot and will not burn you if you touch it. So there is much less wasted energy since it is all going to creating light, not heat.

And these lights give more light than others of the same wattage. So when you compare brightness, you will see a huge difference. Get the best lighting possible, while saving money and energy doing so. Do not get suckered into buying standard lighting because of the initial low price. Think long-term and invest in LED lighting. For professional LED lighting rewiring, turn to Londono Brothers. We are here to help!

LED Bulbs Are Long-Lasting

As touched upon, the LED bulbs are simply more long lasting than your standard bulbs. So, the longer the lifespan, the better they are for the environment since it all leads to less waste. These bulbs routinely last for years, so no need to worry about constantly changing bulbs. And many new LED bulbs are built to withstand vibration, wind, rain, drops, shocks, and even freezing temperatures. They are durable lights that are long-lasting. Of course, they are factors that may diminish their longevity. But when compared to standard light bulbs, there is no contest. LED lighting fixtures are the way to go and at Londono Brothers, we can help rewire and repair any that need it.

LEDs Require Little to No Maintenance

Since you get a longer lifespan out of the LED bulbs, it means there is less maintenance involved in using these lights. Stop frequently changing light bulbs and switch to LEDs. And stop worrying about when a light bulb all of a sudden blows out. That does not happen with LED bulbs. When it is time to change, you will simply see a dimming of the light. But there is still light, which is nice. When a light blows, problems may arise and an immediate change is needed. Whereas you get a warning with LED bulbs. So if you need to rewire or repair an LED light fixture, it is always worth it.

Easy and Safe to Install

When it comes to older lamps, LED lights may actually be difficult and the connection for some may be complex. In some cases, a ballast is required to regulate the power of the LED bulb. Which is why when we say "LED rewiring" we mean upgrading an older light fixture to better handle the power of a new LED bulb. These older light fixtures were simply not built to handle this sort of power from a bulb, but we also understand wanting to keep an antique or sentimental lamp or light fixture around. We offer affordable pricing for LED rewiring and ensure that it safely handles the new bulb upon completion.

And for any sort of newer light fixture or lamp, they almost always come with the ability to handle an LED bulb. However, sometimes you aren't getting the full potential and range of light the bulb features. If this is the case, we can rewire and fix the light fixture so it ably handles the new bulb. On the whole, LEDs are safe and easy to install.

LED Lights Are Dimmable

Having a dimmable light is a great perk for the lighting fixture or lamp. It offers optimal comfort and lighting for any situation. Dimmers allow you to adjust the lights below its 100% output. So, the lower the percentage, the lower the energy bill and the more you save! Most traditional bulbs do not have this capability, so you are always at 100%. And even if some do, if they are not LED, then they are still inefficient in this aspect. Our staff can rewire and repair your lighting fixture and lamp to better handle dimming the LED bulb and see your savings soar! Stop using 100% of your lighting output 100% of the time! Simply use as much light as you need.

LEDs Lights Focus on Quality

At this point you may already understand this point, but the LED bulbs and lighting focus on quality of lighting. So you can actually see better and more clear when using these bulbs. Traditional bulbs may set out a more gray-colored light, so you then see the surrounding objects in a more gray color. But with LED bulbs, you see a clear white, so everything will appear more bright. So you actually will be able to see more, while spending less money. And again, we can help upgrade older lighting fixtures and lamps, so you can fully experience the effect of LED bulbs and lighting in your home or office.

SMART Lighting Capabilities of LEDs

Many LED bulbs are compatible with smart home designs, which will optimize the electricity usage in the home or office and switch off certain appliances when nobody is home. You also get great customization and energy conservation options when these sorts of lights are installed properly and utilized. So if you are looking to turn your home into a SMART home, using LED bulbs is the only option. And if you need any older light fixtures rewired in order to handle certain aspects, the team at Londono Brothers can help you set things right!