Lamp & Chandelier Repair Testimonials & Reviews

"Thank you for recovering my old chandelier." 

 -Megan, NYC.

"The Chandelier looks beautiful. Thank you so much for such a good job!"


- Harriete, NYC

"Thank you for all your help."


- Leonor, CT

"We were so excited to see the fruit of your labor shining in our home. Regards"


- Alex, Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, NY

"My chandelier is now rewired and clean...looks great now for the years to come. Thank you very much Londonos."


- Melissa, bridgehampton, NY

"Thank you guys for installing all the fixtures on my client's house. Good job!"


- Michael, NYC

"Londonos, you did an outstanding job with my floor lamp and wall sconces. The metal looks so shiny now...what a big difference."


- Samantha, NYC

"Wow, you guys are great! Thank you very much for your excellent work."



- Rob, Old Westury, NY

"Thank you very much guys for your fast response and excellent work."


- Ashley, Glen Cove, NY